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Patengan Lake (Situ Patengan)

Situ Patengan or is most known as Situ Patenggang represent an romantic legend in epoch yore. After entering spandrel of Situ Patengan, we will enter green of tea plantation. And not far to the fore, we will see the carpet irrigate very a lot of with the natural beauty which is beautiful sight. freshness And ruthless add our freshment in the Tour place of Situ Patengan.

Feel run down at the time of journey to this location, will lose when we gave arrive to this location of Situ Patengan. wide Water Carpet, with the haze touch draping, growing its beautiful atmosphere in this lake. seenly is its peace irrigate the lake, as fresh as air which we breath in, and as cold as lake atmosphere will make we feel the peace and we can forgot about a moment and stress which is being faced.

Besides we can enjoy the view from lake periphery, we can also rent the boat to encircle the lake, especially visit the island becoming complement of legend of Situ Patengan. Pulau Asmara and batu cinta represent is the location that can be targeted of all tourist. It is said according to its story, any person who stop by to Batu cinta and encircle the Love Island hence will get the endless love. This matter possible make batu cintaand Pulau Asmara become the place that is making tourist become anxious.

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