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The Bandung tour the South territory (Wisata Bandung Selatan)

Bandung was south more was known with his activity centres agro the tour (agriculture and the tea plantation in Rancabali, Ciwidey, Malabar, Pangalengan and Gunung Halu), the Tirta Tour (There Patenggang and There Cileunca) and Wana Wisata (the Kamojang Crater, the White crater and hot Cimanggu water).

The area of the Ciwidey Tour was to be the area of the aim of the tour that was complete enough at the south of the Bandung Regency, by Pangalengan with the tourist attraction There Cileunca him, Agro the Malabar tour, and the object of the other tourist attraction.

The Patengan lake (Situ Patengan)
Was a nature lake that was located in the tea plantation ranca Bali, be at a distance around 47 Km from the Bandung city. Was the tour region that berudara cool and fresh, very far from pollution. At the edge of the lake was gotten by many boats that could be leased for tourists over the lake.

Traveler Tips: visited this place better in the morning up to the day, because in the afternoon usually the fog descends. The fog there patengan very thick in fact the distance of the look could only 1-2 metre so as to be not seen by scenery anything. For boat rent surrounded the lake better you did bargained counteracted the price before. Usually the price that was offered sektar Rp 10,000 s/d Rp. 15,000/the person.

The White Crater (Kawah Putih)
Still was located in the region ranca Bali, be at a distance around 44 Km from the Bandung city or to be precise in the Wealthy village, the Jambu. Sand subdistrict the white crater was a crater lake from the Patuha mountain with the height 2.434 metre above sea level. This crater was one of the craters with the level of acidity of the highest sulphur in the world, therefore the colonial Dutch government had built the sulphur factory in this place.

The uniqueness of this tourist attraction was his crater that was white, air here very cold in fact could reach 0- 2 levels celcius in certain seasons.

Traveler Tips: Same like there patengan in the afternoon in the white crater usually descended the very thick fog. Besides this the level of sulphur became very high so as this crater was often closed in the afternoon.

The Strawberry garden.
The tour reaped strawberry at this time was the tour that really was enjoyed by tourists.

Strawberry was the product agrowisata supreme from the Bandung regency, especially in the Ciwidey area. In this area was gotten plenty of gardens strawberry traditional up to the garden with the professional management. You were free to choose what garden that was liked by you and reaped personally direct.

Traveler Tips: Strawberry the good quality was precisely received apart from the rain season, because of his characteristics that were easy broken/rotten if often was affected by the rain water. If you visited when the rain season, better choose the garden strawberry that was closed/used green house.

The Ciwidey area really was rich in the source of hot water natural. One of them make use of by the sounding lead perhutani as the Cimanggu swimming pool. The Cimanggu pond had facilities parked that was wide, the place played children, etc..

As in the case of Cimanggu, Ciwalini also made use of his spillway the source of the hot spring nature. This swimming pool was in the Walini environment of the tea plantation that was cool.

Traveler Tips: Cimanggu the pond and the area parkir him was wide + was supplemented with the playing place of children, but ciwalini had clearer water..

Ranca Upas.
An available complex of the camp earth around the area of the Eucalyptus crop, a kind of crop that came from the Australian continent. This region be at a distance 41 Km from the centre of the Bandung city, and was located in the height 1.700 metre from sea level, with the temperature of air in general 18 levels celcius.

In this place also was gotten by breeding of deer that became the attraction for tourists.

The Cileunca lake.
The Cileunca lake was an available lake in the Pangalengan area. This lake was the artificial lake that the width 1.400 hectare by being surrounded hills and had a background mountains.

Apart from functioning as onjek the interesting tour, there Cileunca also functioned as the source of water for the generator of the electricity power. Water was from the lake channelled through the Palayangan river, that also often was used as the arena had crossed jeram/rafting. Peket rafting in the Palayangan river

The plantation of Malabar Tea.
The Malabar mountain that had the attraction of the tea plantation of nature with cool air natural, really was suitable for the sport activity walked/tea walk while ber recreation. In the middle of the plantation was gotten by old building sorts that still were treated well, like guest house, administration's housing of the plantation in the colonisation period up to the K.A.R. BOSSCHA grave.

The Hot Cibolang Water bathing place.
One wana the hot tour of the water bathing place nature that was located in the bordering jungle with the tea garden. Was located in foot the Puppet mountain in the height 1.500 metre above sea level, with the revolving temperature 18 levels celcius. Really was suitable for the family's tour with quite complete facilities.

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