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Angklung art from West Java (original Indonesia)

Played the musical instrument angklung not was easy like that was imagined. Needed the sensitivity of the feeling to shake angklung in order to be able to dismiss the soft and toned sound. Want to could play angklung? Come to the Mang Ujo Cave in Padang Ratu, Cicaheum, Bandung, West Java. The management of the Mang Ujo Cave will give the guidance, in fact until taught the instruction angklung. At this time, padepokan accommodated the kindergarten pupil until the interested senior secondary school studied the typical traditional musical instrument of this Parahyangan Land.

When being established around 1938, the deceased Daeng Sutigna only intended to conserve local art. Later, sound-bunyian that was caused from angklung evidently could suck extraordinary attention. Almost every day padepokan was filled up by the visitor, from that only want to just enjoyed the sound wave angklung, to that was interested understand better. Finally Daeng Sutigna increasingly serious managed his cave. He formed the group angklung with the number of players more. Daeng Sutigna seriousness bore fruit results. The group angklung him could appear in front of the Heada of State in the Conference Asian Afika in the Building of Merdeka Bandung in 1955.

Currently, although the founder has died, his heir that is Mang Ujo and Erwin Anwar stayed determined continued the Daeng Sutigna goal. In order to follow the development of the time, Mang Ujo combined the sound angklung with the other musical instrument, like kendang, the piano, the organ, or the guitar. Moreover Mang Ujo made the centre of the production and the development of the artistic creation angklung. His program was introduced angklung to the students at the same time studied about the musical instrument instruction that took this black bamboo base.

Mang Ujo afterwards developed the concept padepokan (Institute) only did not make angklung, but also the other handicraft. By appointing several officials, the Mang Ujo Cave now markets various souvenirs, including the wall decoration or the miniature of the ship and the traditional house.

To popularise the blend of musical art and the handicraft, Mang Ujo established the work was the same as the Government of the Bandung Municipality or the local travel agency. The party of the local guest and foreign will be entertained by the concert angklung, showed the mask dance, the circumcision procession, and the puppet roll over. The players all of them, yes children who were bundled into this Mang Ujo artistic group. Tourists's response in the concert was very positive. Some tourists in fact were not reluctant to go along berlenggak-lenggok followed the musical wave angklung. (Ken/Inka Prawirasasra and Effendi Kasah)

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