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Students Opened Asean conference in Bandung

Bandung (ANTARA) - The first student conference involving ASEAN countries and friendly countries such as Singapore, Thailand, malaysia, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, China, Japan, Korea, officially opened in Gedung Merdeka, Jl . Asia Africa, Bandung, on Wednesday night (20 / 5).

ASEAN University Student Conference? which was held from May 20-24 this is the result of cooperation between the State Ministry of Youth and Sports in coordination with the ASEAN Secretariat, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Budpar, Diknas, Sesneg, and Menkokesra, and assistance Pemprov Jabar Bandung and Pemkot as `comittee organizing.

Right w.ib. at 20:00, started the event with art attractions Manuk Dance, 180 delegates of the ASEAN countries came impose detail in clothes typical country.

Based on the report committee, 100 delegates from Indonesia in which about 40 are from universities persennya Bandung. While the other participants to 80, come from Brunei Darusalam 7 people, 9 people Philippines, Thailand, 11 people, 8 people of Laos, Myanmar 6, Malaysia 11, Singapore 8, 10 Vietnam, Cambodia 5 people, 5 people of Timor Leste.

With mengusung theme Enriching & Preserving Our Cultural Heritage, organizing this conference is expected to result in `Plan of Action or a joint declaration that describes the action plan in 3-5 years to maintain, enhance, and utilize the cultural heritage.

In addition, this event is also an effort to raise awarness of the `youth of ASEAN, bring all parties to prepare the young generation in the competence of the more stringent, given that the 2015 ASEAN akan ignites in` single ASEAN community.

We want to create a force among the younger generation for future investment, and avoid the threat of damage to the structure and culture of developing countries, said Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Ir. Adhyaksa Daus, M. Si attended the ceremony.

The threat is Menpora i was four, namely industry, investment, individualism, information.

We can not avoid globalization. But can avoid the filters of culture, ethics, and moral related to teachings of religion. This would be raised through a unity between the countries in southeast asia, Menpora said.

Based on the results of the meeting of ASEAN countries in Chiangmai, Thailand, June 2008, Indonesia's role as a spark ideas conference eventually appointed as the host of the forum to share information and aspirations for the youth of ASEAN this.

"Elections Bandung as the host was more because of culture-historical," added the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, after ceremony.

The Bandung conference was the Asia-Africa tens of years ago remind participants to return the value of the history of the quarry was going back to the community, so that the enthusiasm raised again in the context of the other, first grab for independence and now fill kemerdeka, clearly the Governor.

This activity is also expected to develop the potential of the option to bring mind-thought big, he said.

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