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Garut Developing The Papandayan Tourism

Some management of hotels, resort and tourism services in Garut, initiate to developing tourism in Garut by adding traveling packages to there. One of the offering packages is "waiting the sunrise in top of Papandayan".

According to Mr. Goya A Mahmud from Kampoeng Sampireun Resort & Spa, compared to Bromo, tourism resort such as Garut has advantages ; after seeing the sunrise in the top of Papandayan, the tourist will bring to rafting in Cimanuk river about 8 meters length that will end in the center of town. Then to relieve the exhausted after rafting, tourist can dip in hot water of Cipanas before going home.
Nowadays the tourist package of Sunrise at Papandayan and rafting in Cimanuk river have been introduced to travel agents in Bandung and Jakarta. It is expected that they can offer traveling package to foreigners and can make Garut as tourist destination from Jakarta after Bandung at the week end.
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